Tips and techniques on how to Clean Carpet Stairs

carpeted stairsCarpet on a staircase will always add color, texture and extra safety on stairs and even prolong the carpet’s life and cleanliness of the staircase is as important as its use. It is for this that will not only make the staircase elegant but also the entire house. It should however be noted that although the staircase tends to gets dirty more frequent than the floor and the ceiling, there are several tips and techniques on how to Clean Carpet Stairs. It can be a dreaded task to clean a staircase given the fact that it has a lot of crevices and corners but the following tips will make the entire work easier.
Have a broom and a brush attachment
Have a broom to sweep all solid dirt on the surface of the carpet down the staircase. A brush attachment will help to loosen the impacted dirt and dust for the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Suck up any hidden dirt and even those that is loose on the pile but for those particles under you will need a vacuum cleaner.
Have the right vacuum cleanercool-stair-carpet-runners-2
Since that carpet on your staircase resembles the one on your house, it requires vacuum cleaning. It’s however best to note that a staircase will need a much lighter vacuum cleaner as the whole process involves lifting up and down of the cleaner and suction of dirt and dust. It will remove those tiny gravel and dust that can damage the carpet over time. A lighter and simple hand-held model that fits the staircase is the most ideal rather than a bigger and heavier cleaner. When vacuuming however, always start at the top downwards so as to reach and remove those on corners and crevices of the staircase.
Hand scrubbing and shampooing the carpet
Once done with dry cleaning the carpeted staircase the second step will majorly focus on a more intensive cleaning. Hand cleaning of the carpeted staircase will include shampooing from the top downwards. Afterwards you should ensure that the carpet drys off completely. You can use a towel before embarking on final cleaning of the entire staircase.
All these tips and techniques on how to clean carpet stairs can be rather tiring and boring but when done regularly, the chances of getting dirty will be low rather than getting to hire private cleaners. They thus must be cleaned regularly as staircases are in use almost every moment.