Best Floor Cleaning Products for Your Home

Floor is somewhat different from other parts of the house. As it covers the whole area of the house, it requires more attention and cleaning than rest of the house. And it’s rare to have one kind of floor throughout the house. A tiled bathroom-floor, a carpeted bedroom-floor and a hardwood lobby-floor are normal these days. Each of them requires different types of maintenance. You need to choose the best floor cleaning products that keep your floor clean and maintain its life too. Just like other household products, floor cleaning products have also changed and have gone beyond traditional broom n’ mop thing.

But wait - why would you want to read all this?

It is not too difficult to say, “Because you stand on it all the time”. All the time your feet touching the floor allow viruses, bacteria and small insects to access and affect your body. It gets trickier when you have kids living with you – they catch diseases quickly as they have a sensitive skin. So, if you’re thinking of including detergents and chemicals in your list of items, make sure they will not affect your kids.

So, are you sure you have the best floor cleaning products? If not, I have few great ones for you.

A Sweeping Cloth That Offers Best Floor Cleaning

 1aSwiffer Sweeper Sweeping Cloth Refills claims to be a simple and effective solution for cleaning dirty floors. You’ll see how easy it is to sweep dust, dirt and hair as compared to traditional brooms.

It has thick dirt grabbing grooves and ridges offering detailed cleaning which is not possible with ordinary broom. It is compatible with all Swiffer Sweeper floor cleaning products. I tried it on tiled floor of my bathroom; hardwood floor of my living room and on my bedroom’s vinyl floor.

This magician left me amazed as I cleaned the whole house floor effortlessly, and the result was beyond my expectation. With Swiffer Sweeper sweeping cloth, my house-floor looked 3 times cleaner than it was with broom. That’s not it; this floor cleaning product is available in several different scents to keep your house fresh all the time.

You’ll have one of the best floor cleaning products for the whole month at fairly reasonable price.

The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Your Home Needs

2aThe Swiffer WetJet is a multi-purpose cleaner that not only cleans the floor, but makes sure your home gives a fresh and pleasant smell. This pre-mixed solution has active dirt-reactive ingredients that dissolve greasy stains, sticky dirt and dark spots easily. I am not only using this solution for cleaning tiled floor, marble floor or stone-floor, but for hardwood, linoleum and vinyl surfaces too.

The WetJet floor cleaner offers Open Window Fresh fragrance for pleasant and inviting smell. It dries quickly without leaving any hazing and streaks. So, don’t worry if you have too little time to clean the floors. Try Swiffer WetJet Cleaner!

Microfiber Floor Mops that Remove 99% Germs and Bacteria

Microfiber mops are quick, effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional3a cloth mops. They are better in cleaning hard surface floors because of fiber construction.

Featuring split microfiber with heavy density yarn and microscopic size, these microfiber mops are better than cotton or synthetic mops. The construction of individual microfibers allows moping pads to pick up dirt and dust from tiny crevices of the floor surface. This is why microfiber mops claim to remove 99% bacteria and germs from the floor.

Robotic Floor Cleaning Duster

4aIt is difficult to remove dirt from areas underneath the furniture and along the wall. Sometimes, I find it hard to access the corners of the room. Even if I can, I am not sure whether I’ve cleaned those places entirely. So, I used this self rotating robotic floor cleaner which not only cleans open spaces, but also reaches dark corners of the room on its own.

It features automatic navigation and electrostatic disposable cloth to remove dirt, hair and dust particles from every corner of the floor.

It is affordable, time saving and easy-to-use; therefore it is one of the best floor cleaning products worth a try.

Hardwood Floor Spray

Bona Hardwood Floor Spray is professional’s number 1 choice. It features no residue formula that ensures kids safety and makes it environmental friendly solution for hardwood floors.

The spray is specifically designed for wood to make sure it does not affect color and quality of material. Instead, it ensures long-life by removing deteriorating particles from wood.

What are you waiting for?

By now, you’re convinced that at least one of these best floor cleaning products is just what you wanted. They are affordable, effective, efficient and much safer than your old floor cleaning methods. So, don’t waste your time and buy these items online.