Solutions for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Maintenance is key to taking good care of your floors

Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment, thus, it requires regular maintenance to get the value of what you have spent. Before starting mopping out your floor, you need to know several consideration which are very vital to preserve and get the best condition and appearance of your hardwood floor. You should also learn the things you need to avoid that would make the wooden floor look dull and deteriorate fast. There are inexpensive and effective solutions for hardwood floor cleaning that you will surely love since most ready-made solutions available in the market to clean the type of hardwood floor you have costs a lot and some are actually very strong chemical mixtures with a strong scent that may cause inconvenience.

Why Care For So Much For Your Wooden Floors

When you put effort to take care of your wooden floor, the best condition of the wood would remain and you would enjoy it for a long period of time. You will be able to get the most experience of obtaining a costly wood floor by prolonging its life span. Knowing a few simple yet effective solutions will save you from trouble, time and money while keeping your floors fresh and clean looking most of the time. Some people experiment and try things on their own but this is very risky especially if the experiment won’t go very well and causes harm to your dear floor. It would be better to try things which are tested and recommended to be safe. When you know your floor better, it is easier to maintain them, aside from knowing the kind of solution you can use to clean it, you know what type of materials that are needed to be avoided around the floors like rubber soles that can cause marks and other hard objects that can easily leave scratches or heavy marks.

Type of Hardwood Floor Finish

Before taking a step to clean your floor, there is a need to know what type of finish your wooden floor has first and foremost. The type of wood is not really so important, but how it was sealed or treated is essential to determine, for you to be able to know how to clean and maintain them to lengthen the shelf life of your wooden floors. Generally there are surfaced-sealed or finished wooden floors and penetrating sealed or unfinished wood floors. Safe and effective cleaning procedures for differently treated wood floors varies. Most of the new or modern floors nowadays are surface-treated floors with urethane, polyurethane or a polyacrylic coating and these are water and stain resistant that is why with these type of covering or finish, they are the easiest to clean. Wooden floors with shellac, lacquer or varnish finish are technically surface-sealed too but they are different with woods sealed with modern finishes because these are more durable than those sealed with old school finish. Unfinished floors are usually cleaned differently since it don’t have protective coating for water and stain. Pre finished wooden floors are also coated with protective sealants but the unsealed cracks in between the board is prone to water damage. We also have solid and engineered wood floorings. Solid wood floors are thick and can be sanded and refinished many times while engineered wood floors are made up of several layers of wood finishes and can be sanded and refinished to limited extent only.

Basic Cleaning Method

You can regularly clean your wooden floors to get rid of the surface dirt such as dust, grains and other particles by using a soft broom or dust mops and it’s safe to use these cleaning materials to any type of wood finish. There is also aBISSELL Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1154vacuum cleaners too as long as the material used is appropriate to clean hardwood floors. Better yet, use vacuum cleaners that are accepted or approved for wooden floors. Some models can be a little harsh and may cause scratches and unwanted marks on the floor while gliding the equipment on either unfinished or finished type of wood floor. You can clean your floor with an appropriate broom or vacuum as often as needed to get rid of everyday dirt and relish a particle free wooden floor at all times. Enjoy your investment by preserving it even the simplest way.

Effective And Inexpensive Solution

Depending how the hardwood floors were treated, there are ready made mixtures available in the market and they are usually the perfect solution to maintain your wooden floors but they are usually quite expensive. We have some very good suggestions that you can use without hurting your budget. Try mild soaps or detergent with a bucket of water to mop surface sealed floors. Dishwashing liquid solution also works perfectly on most hardwood floors. Also, Murphy’s oil soap is a gentle cleanser that is usually used to clean finished wooden floors that will give you a very satisfactory result. You may try other mild soaps but make sure that it has low PH but the ones mentioned have been tested and tried. Avoid using plain water because it can cause dullness to the floor and soap substance helps to remove dirt quickly and retains the smoothness of the finished wood. But take note to avoid strong detergents with strong  substances as well like bleach and the like. After mopping with the soap solution, do not rinse it with water, dry the floor using a dry cloth or let it air dry before you apply your finishing touches instead. For unfinished wooden floors, applying a wax or liquid wax can help protect the floor from water damage and stains. The type of wax to be used depends if the wood is varnished or sealed with old school wood sealant that often times  considered as unfinished or prefinished type of wood. It is also recommended that wax application is done regularly depending how often the floor is used or the traffic in a certain area of the house.

Mopping Techniques

To get the best result, it is recommended to mop the floor in a uniform direction or with a systematized technique or strokes, for floors with grains, it is recommended to follow the direction of the wood grain when mopping. Avoid mopping in random directions, always do it in one direction to make sure that all surface are evenly mopped. If you mop in random direction, there is a tendency that the appearance may not appear uniform even after your finishing touches. Start on a side, from top to bottom then move going to your right or left until you finish mopping the whole surface. Remember to use not so damp mop head in mopping, always remove as much water as you can in the mop head before sliding it on the floor.  As much as possible wring it as hard as you can to make it dry as possible or just slightly damp. You can dry your floor faster this way and reduce the risk of water damage especially on unsealed or unfinished wood floors. Flat mops are recommended for timber floors or wooden floors, aside from avoiding scratches,  dirts are easily and effectively removed. Another thing, always use lukewarm to cool water with your soap solutions, hot water can damage woods faster.

Use of Robotic Cleaners For Finishing Touches

Aside from drying and using a dry cloth or a mild wood scrub on your wooden floor after mopping and waxing (for some type of wood floors), there are also reliable robotic cleaners that you can rely to make the last phase of your hardwood cleaning process. After you mop it out and dry it, the robotic cleaner can do the last touch by going over the floor with dry appropriate type of fabric to wipe the floor and bring out a natural and shiny look. Advanced robotic cleaners can be set on how to do the cleaning by setting gliding directions and how long they should do it. Works perfectly for floors that needs to be scrubbed with dry fabric to make it shiny and more smooth especially with finished and wood floors that need to be waxed.

Simple and inexpensive solutions for hardwood floor cleaning isn’t that difficult especially if you know what to do and you are used of doing it. It won’t eat much your time either since mopping should be done twice or thrice a month only but sweeping or vacuuming can be done as often as needed. For areas like the kitchen which is prone to mud and traffic, putting a mat on the entrance door will help reduce the amount of dirt that can be engrossed to the floor.

Floor Cleaning with Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Review


Many people live in a fast paced lifestyle and couldn’t find time to clean up their homes even just their floors, that’s when a robot vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue. It’s a perfect help you can get to keep your hard floors or low piled carpeted floors free from dirt without you personally cleaning it. There are several models and brands of these robot vacuum cleaners in the market that can be purchased from over $100 to $1300. The recently modified and introduced robot vacuum cleaners have better features such as sensitive sensors and automated recharging system.


Let The Bot Do The Cleaning


This special cleaner is designed to clean surface dirt but won’t give you a result like a pushed vacuum cleaner does. However, it still helps in keeping floors clean. Let the robotic vacuum give you a hand, some models needs to be set up manually while other models can work on their own even if you are away, you just have to input their schedule and they can take it from there. They have a powerful suction in lifting up dirt and some models can work on heavily stained floors too and most of them have side brushes to pick up dirt on hard to reach areas like on the corners and on the sides of the wall.


Cleaner With Artificial Intelligence


What’s amazing about these robotic cleaners is that some of them can detect areas that they are forbidden to go by using a special sensor and boundary walls. Also, they have the ability to sense if they are near areas where they can fall off like the stairs with a cliff-detecting sensor. They turn around instead of running through it. Another special AI they have is that some have excellent cleaning pattern and they can identify which area they have cleaned already and which spot needs more cleaning.


When the battery runs low, the best cleaning bots can detect it and returns to their base and recharge on their own and gets back to action once they are ready without any help from a human.


They can also detect different texture of floors, some works best on hard floors but some are capable of shifting to clean low piled carpets. Some models do not work on dark colored carpeting, the sensors doesn’t work on them.


Other Special Features To Look For


Remote Control – for easier navigation of the bot

Dust Bin Size – larger dust bin will store more dirt so it can clean better

Compact size and design  - helps in reaching hard to clean areas and easily glides under beds and furniture

Protector in the bumper – prevents unnecessary marks on the wall and furniture

Easy to clean and maintain – regular cleaning will keep the cleaner perform better

Comparison of Three Robotic Vacuum That Vary in Price


Neato XV Signature Pro- $400

This model has the features of other models which are more expensive and performs better if not the same. It is specially designed to work on hard floors and low pile rags and not recommended for fluffy carpets since it struggles to operate on them.


Its special laser guides it to clean in a straight patterns and not just randomly passing and bouncing around the walls and furniture and with its small compact size and unique shape, it can easily glide under hard to reach areas with the bumper covered to avoid giving marks on furniture. This is the robotic cleaner you can depend on without requiring you to do anything except setting it up for the first time of course. It can do its job even if you are not around and can detect by itself if battery is running low and recharges itself. The special sensors allows to detect the boundaries they are not allowed to go and if it’s about to fall in the stairs. The only thing this model lacks is a remote control.


Infinuvo Hovo 510 – $180


This affordable robotic cleaner model designed to better work on hard floors or tile and low pile carpets. It has also features that are found in much expensive models and cleans perfectly well because of its powerful suction motors and side brushes. It has sensors that detects areas to avoid and if it’s near the stairs. It charges on its own if the battery runs low and can work on its own too. Comes with a remote control for easier touch ups. The height is also adjustable for easier clean up on areas which are hard to clean. It also has the features of much expensive models.


iTouchless Robotic PRO – $260


A good feature of this certain practical model for removing dirt on floors is that it automatically shuts down when it get stuck but it needs manual activation since it cannot function and charge automatically, so it doesn’t work on its own. It has a battery indicator though to ward you if the battery is about to run low. It doesn’t’ have a sensor or virtual walls that would let it stop going to places it shouldn’t glide but it can sense when it’s about to fall in the stairs. Comes with a remote control.


Each model has their own distinctive features, if you are looking for the best deal, compare as much models as you can and get the one that has more features in a very reasonable price which suits your financial capacity. Most models comes with a handy manual guide and provides phone and email support services.

Floor Cleaning with A Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, What to Look For


The invention of robotic vacuum cleaners is another breakthrough when it comes to cleaning products and are very helpful especially for people who couldn’t find time to do chores like cleaning the floor. But before deciding to buy one, there are several factors that you need to consider. There are various brands and models that you could purchase between over $100 to as much as $1800. Maximize your money by getting the best deal you can afford in purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner.


First of all, you need to take note what kind of flooring you have at home. Some robot cleaners do not work very well with fluffy or carpets with long strands and most sensors do not work in dark shaded carpet rags. On the other hand, most of them are reliable on hard floors. Bear in mind that these robotic floor cleaner can clean and remove surface dirt and hair but cannot give you a deep cleaning result like an upright vacuum does especially on carpets. Cleaning your floor manually with a pushed vacuum cleaner once in a while is advisable.


Cleaning Power and Performance


The purpose of having one of these machine is to clean up and the ability of the robot cleaner to get rid of dirt should be the primary thing to look for. How powerful the suction motor is and the efficiency of the side brushes in picking up dirt and hair as well in hard to reach areas like corners and along the walls. Long running robotic cleaners are ideal, some of them can operate for more than 2 hours in a single charge while some models run for a short time and it takes a while for the machine to charge. There are models that comes with a self-charging base that allows the robot cleaner to charge by itself every time the battery runs low.


Also, it’s better to have one with excellent cleaning pattern and not just randomly passing to one area to another. Some model can detect if they have cleaned that spot already and they can detect heavily stained spot as well, thus they stay on it longer.


Shifting and Wall – Cliff Detection


Most models are designed for hard floors but some models have the capacity to shift and clean a low piled carpet but not a fluffy one. Another is, some models intelligently senses that they cannot go to a certain area and when they are about to fall on stairs. They turn around once their sensor tells them so because of the presence of virtual boundary and their cliff detecting sensor. You don’t have to worry about it going to areas they shouldn’t go to and getting broken from falling off the stairs. Added sensor can also detect things which are present on the floor while they are operating, they don’t run over them but moves around them instead.


Automated Operation and Useful Design


Some of these cleaners can take on their own to do the cleaning even if you are away. They have a special feature wherein you can set what particular time and day you would want the robot to clean up. An automatic recharging feature would allow the robot to return to its charging base on their own and charges itself automatically every time its battery runs low and continue to do its job once ready.

The mobility of the cleaner depends on its design and size. Compact and smaller ones can reach under the bed, couches and other hard to reach areas with the help of the unique shape especially designed to help with the cleaning process. Choose models with soft rubber or covering on its bumpers to prevent unwanted marks on furniture or walls.


Maintenance, Repairing and Replacing Parts


These robot cleaners requires maintenance too that would help to keep them working well and it would be more convenient to choose one which is easily cleaned and maintained. Usually, emptying the dust bin and replacing brushes and filters as needed.


The parts that needs to be replaced shouldn’t be so expensive and easy to find in the market, same goes when there would be a time needed for repair. If you can fix it yourself then that is better.


Reliability of Warranty and Support


Having a fair and guaranteed warranty to your purchase is the best security you can have. You shouldn’t have a hard time claiming warranty if there need be. And among the best way to experience your robotic cleaner is to have an easy and accommodating and efficient customer support services to help you at times like live chat services or free toll calls anytime.